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Please welcome the next participant of 40 Over 40 campaign in New Hampshire Joyce, 48.

She is an extraordinary woman, my friend and my colleague from a previous job, the leader in her present work and also wife, mom and beautiful woman.

I knew her since I started my first job in USA in 2013 and I was always amazed by her strong leadership skills and at the same time, her friendly and benevolent demeanor towards people in her team.

The first time she contacted me about her photoshoot, I scheduled the consultation for her, where we usually discuss makeup and outfit looks, introducing her to the product range and pricing.

It took a while to create some amazing looks to match the Old Hollywood style with the silky fabrics, classic black and white outfits, jewelry and other accessories.

And of course, you can not avoid using the main colors of the Hollywood style - red lipstick and red nails!

And of course, I cannot even express, how happy I am working with such an amazing makeup and Hair artist Gina Samantha Sandlin, who knows how to make magic and make our clients look and feel beautiful!

So that day was finally here and we all gathered together at my home studio.

Gina is doing Joyce's hair and makeup:

And here are the Old Hollywood images!

We also created the look which I call Red On Red, where I am photographing my client in a red outfit on the red background. The same applies to the White On White

We also created a classic style as Fine Art portraits with brown background which I adore and this is my signature type of portraits

And the last look was so simple - I just added the purple tulle to Joyce's white silky top and wrapped her shoulders and arms with it. It created such a dreamy and vintage look to her portraits!

The editing of all images took 7 days and she ordered a beautiful Luxury looking Fine Art photo album which I filled with her favorite colored images and added the B&W version of them . On top of everything I usually add a gift with purchase to any of my packages and she will receive the matted Fine Art print of her favorite image which is coming soon from the Lab.

Joyce posted on Instagram : " She made the experience wonderful and fun❤️. She made me more confident and made me realize beauty is inside and out.❤️❤️. @byginasamantha Thank you again for making me beautiful"

Every time when I read your feedback, my heart is melting and I know that I am not doing my job in vain and you will cherish your portraits for the rest of your life and they become an heirloom legacy for the generations to come. Boy, I love my job!!!


If you are in your 40's, 50's, 60's and even greater this project is for you!

Celebrate yourself. Show the world the beauty of aging. Tell your story. See yourself from different perspective. Leave the legacy for the generations to come.

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With the advancing technology being in our pockets at all times we are able to share images quickly with friends, family and the world. Our lives are not meant to be seen for 30 seconds on a social media timeline. It seems that the tradition of having portraits made has fallen off. It used to be a regular occurrence to have your portraits made as a way to document your family. Here is a list of reasons that make a great excuse to have a portrait session, in no particular order. There are the high school senior portraits, family portraits, and weddings. Let’s see what we can come! Feel free to add your reasons to the list in the comments.

  1. Celebrating a life achievement with a stylized portrait session. Nothing like getting dressed up to boost the confidence a little. Graduation, job promotion, or just to celebrate you. Document your life’s journey.

2. New business venture. Update the face of your business and sell your services by having people immediately connect with you through your portrait.

3. Lifestyle change. Whether it is weight loss or getting healthy and fit. Why not show your future-self that you did this and can do it again.

4. Relive a dream. Ever have a crazy dream that you can’t get out of your head? Why not work with a portrait photographer to see that vision to reality.

5. Getting out of your comfort zone. A lot of people don’t like having their photo taken. With the right photographer, it can be transformative. We can only grow by getting out of our comfort zone.

6. Wear that wedding dress again. The wedding prep took months, maybe years, and then the wedding day came and went and now your wedding dress may be in a closet somewhere. Put it on and relive that day. Make it an anniversary tradition to reconnect with your partner and have proof of your love with prints.

7. For your family. Are you the mother that is not in any of the photos because you are the one taking them? What will your children have to look for when they get older?

8. Share the experience with your partner, family, or closest friend. Those will be the images you will have for lifetimes.

What could be holding you back from having your portrait made?



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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Let's talk about High School senior photoshoots here.

I don't have any problems with traditional location photos for the young people.

I think they look beautiful especially when you do them each season.

But I feel like I would like to try and offer something different here....

Play dress up ( which girls usually love), create some interesting looks using some different fabrics, accessories, makeup and hairstyle, that you can not see on most of the seniors photos.

I feel to get a student involved in the creative process, I would like to ask my clients how do they want to look like, maybe they have some dreams of how they want to be photographed.

Studio photoshoot sometimes gives us more options to play with, the looks and lighting, that I can control and not depend on weather outside. Also some kids are feeling more secure and comfortable in the studio than outside on location, where a lot of people are walking around and looking at them, making them feel awkward.

This photo was created for my daughter Myla . She is a dancer. She graduated High School as well as her dance program was done, and she was preparing for college. She wanted me to create amazing memories of her dance childhood and she was using her dance costume for those images.

We did some simple dance movements but it wasn't the goal to catch the movement. I did everything to catch the emotion in her eyes. The emotion which makes her personality come through her eyes.

Although she is even a really very funny person always joking around and laughing and smiling, I tried to show how serious and deep she can be sometimes. I am pulling the deepest sides of her soul.

And this is what I try to do for the graduates.

And I know that they will appreciate it after time, when they become older and change a lot, they will look at their portraits and will be amazed at how they've changed.

Take a look on some of her photos here

This photo below was inspired by the Old Hollywood style photos. Myla is choosing career of dancer and probably the actress and she love to change her look dramatically and see herself in different images.

We used black short wig, simple silk black dress and of course the dark red lipstick it's a quintessence of the whole Hollywood look. The lighting is so focused on her face that creates this dramatic look in a photo overall.

The photo was inspired by Great Gatsby movie where all details match with the elements of 20s fashion . The dress was bought in a antique store and her blonde curly wig was bought from the Party city store.

Let's give our kids opportunity to be creative all the time, give them a freedom to fantasize and make something unique, that no one have done before. 💥

If you really liked the looks and photographs, would you like to do the same for your graduate?

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