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Creative project "I AM UKRAINE'

I couldn't refuse myself to photograph my youngest daughter Radmyla this summer while she came here on her summer vacation and we came up with this idea to express our love, our feeling to Ukraine, because we lived in Ukraine for 13 years before we moved to USA and she was born there in Zaporizhzhya region, town Dneprorudne which right now is occupied by Russian army. This creative project we called "I AM UKRAINE" .

It's PART 1

"You are happy, independent and free. Your life is flowing like a river Dnipro, your are young country with an ancient history. You life wasn't easy, but you finally got your independence and trying to grow, develop and become stronger and stronger . You are like a young reckless girl trying to find your path in a modern history. But the was started and time of sorrow is here... "

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The second part of our creative project " I AM UKRAINE" I think you can understand everything looking at these photos. All pain, all sorrow, all fury of the Ukrainian people right now.

You are going through very tough tests, you are fighting an insidious enemy who hates everything Ukrainian, hates your language, your traditions, your freedom and wants to wipe your culture and nation off the face of the earth. But you are strong and fair, and you are the one who protects the whole world. You cry, black tears on your cheeks. These are tears of grief. You are losing your people, you are losing your children and warriors. Your eyes burn with hatred for the enemy and at the same time love for people.

This is the last battle that lasts for millennia and you are winning. The current generation will have to complete what previous generations have failed to do.

Be strong and courageous for the Lord is with you whenever you go.

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And finally the PART 3 of our creative project " I AM UKRAINE". Now we can see the new Ukraine, winning Ukraine, with dignity and real freedom, independence.

Your eyes will not full of tears anymore, in your eyes there is determination, divine calmness, strength and power in love.

You saved your culture, your language, your traditions, your literature and you will never let anyone to destroy them.

You no longer ask, but you give. You endowed the whole world with the power of your spirit and victory over evil. Your future is great. And your future generations will never moan again from the pain of loss. You are building a great future and greatness will always be with you! Glory to the Lord who saved us from the death and gave us our victory! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes!

Photos of Myla Domracheva

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