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I finally did it! Had my own 40 Over 40 photoshoot

Today is my 59th birthday. And I am not afraid to say it out loud. There is no shame in it. There is no sorrow in it. There is just the joy of achievements and accomplishments.

I feel myself better today than probably 30 years ago.

I don't feel insecure anymore. I don't feel bad about my height ( 5"1) Oh well, sometimes I feel, but not today. There are things in my life which are more important than my height and my weight . I feel healthy and energized. I feel important. I feel useful to my family and friends.

I would like to have more fun, but if not, that's still ok. I can find fun in anything I do.

I would like to have more travel adventures, but if not , that's also ok. I can find adventure anywhere I go ( in good meaning of it, of course).

I tried to photograph myself . Wear long gown. Put my makeup on and just simply brush my hair . Oh well, the experiment wasn't so good, so I asked my daughter just click the shutter button for me.

I am satisfied with my images, with my lines and wrinkles, my belly and my changed body.

Aging is a natural process that we all go through, and it is important to embrace and celebrate it. Women over 50 are particularly beautiful and have a lot to offer the world. As we age, our skin may show signs of wrinkles and age spots, but these are not flaws, they are simply a reminder of the life we have lived and the experiences we have had. Our bodies may not be as firm and toned as they once were, but they have carried us through life and given birth to the next generation. One of the most beautiful things about aging is the wisdom and experience that comes with it. Women over 50 have lived through many experiences and have learned valuable lessons. They have a unique perspective on life and can offer valuable advice and guidance to those around them. Another beautiful aspect of aging is the sense of freedom and liberation that comes with it. As women over 50, we no longer feel the pressure to conform to societal expectations of beauty and youth. We can embrace our true selves and live life on our own terms. In conclusion, aging is a beautiful process that should be celebrated and embraced. So, let's celebrate the beauty and grace of women over 50 and let them know that they are still valued, respected, and loved.

If you are still debating whether or not have your photo session, I'll tell you this - JUST DO IT! ( I am not pretending to sound like NIKE)

You are important!

You are beautiful!

You worth it!

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