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Reason to have professional family photos.

Photos on the walls, photos in albums, photos where our children are pre-school age, photos where our children are already teenagers, and then our children are young adults. Then, photos with your children as adults - their spouses and their children. So, these are photos with grandchildren. Photos of mom and dad separately, photos of siblings, photos of Dad with children and photos of Mom with children. This is our memory. This is our legacy. These are the warmest memories of the time when we were still together. Life goes on. Children grow up, fly away from the nest. And it is not known yet when we will have such an opportunity to get together and take pictures again. I want to say that I am grateful to my parents that they left me memories of not only my childhood, but also the memories of all of us together in my childhood. Take pictures of your families. Do this more often, wearing beautiful clothes, styling your hair. Print them professionally. It will make your memory stronger, you will even remember the smell of Mom’s perfume and Dad’s jokes during the session. This moment will never happen again in your life. It will pass, leaving only one trace - photos in an album or on a wall.


Photos of the beautiful Ovchinnikov Family with kids and kittens from our recent family session

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