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7 Steps of successful Branding photoshoot for the Real Estate Agents.

Real estate truth – you don’t get to be a successful realtor until you’re an effective marketer.

And a major component of your marketing strategy is the BRANDING that you do to set yourself apart from the competition, because, you see, your BRAND is not your logo and your BRAND is not your brokerage. YOUR BRAND IS YOU!

And because your brand is a visual representation of everything you put out there on the innerwebs, you need to have amazing photos.

You need way more than just an updated profile picture to have a strong digital presence. You need to have regular branding shoots and, no, I am not talking just hiring someone to take a few shots of you in those real estate power poses.

Let’s plan successful real estate branding photoshoot from start to finish.

Why photos are a BIG DEAL? Because we put them on everything – our website, our ads, social media posts, business cards and more. But as most things do in our industry, things have changed. This includes the way we should be thinking about our photos.

Now our photos showcase who we are and is a visual representation to a potential client as to the kind of marketing we do.

Now really think about that from the seller’s perspective – if you can’t market yourself how can you market real estate?

So, let's dive in!

7 steps to do before the photoshoot to ensure success:

By following this you are going to be a whole lot less stressed the day of photoshoot. And you sure are going to have fantastic shots you’re going to be proud to put on display.

What a relief, right?

Because I would like to save you some heartache after having developed a system.

Step1. Establish you Goals for the Photoshoot & the Message You want to convey

Are you wanting to establish your identity in particular niche market?

            Are you rebranding?

            Are you trying to break into a higher price point?

            What is the story you trying to tell in the images?

Answer all these questions.

Step2. Start an inspiration board for the photoshoot.

You can use the Pinterest boards. Add all your ideas to one central location for

easy access.

              Pinterest boards are very easy can be shared with other members that maybe

working on a photoshoot with you.

Step 3. Book your dream team! It usually includes a photographer and makeup & hair


Look at their past work. Look for NOT a traditional headshot, but for branding & lifestyle images. Make sure that the photography style matches what you are

looking for. Ask for referrals of past clients and read the reviews.

              Have a consultation with the team before you book.

              Remember that branding shoot is the financial investment and it should be the

part of your marketing budget as a realtor. If you are in a tight budget, ask your

dream team if they offer a payment plan. ( And by the way, we offer all these

services here in Y'R Charm Photography - professional makeup & hair,

consultation, payment plan)

Step 4. Pick a location and time that speaks to your goal and your ideal client.

Is it going to be Urban, rural, inside, outside, or maybe a combination of all them.

             Now it’s important to note – it doesn’t have to be in a house.

              Be sure to consult with your photographer ahead of time, because they need to

tell you what is the best time to shoot based on the lighting in that location.

Step 5. Plan your outfits.

This branding shoot is going to give you enough content for quite some time, so you need 4 to 6 outfits, because you can’t wear the same thing in every shot

online for the next six months. As for what to wear, I have a brand guide already

established for my company . It has a color palette in it and I stick pretty close to

these colors, so that all the images are going to compliment the other marketing

that I do.

Step 6. Choose your list of poses & shots.

              The day of the shoot will go smoother if you have an idea ahead of time

as to what poses or shots you want to do in order to achieve your overall

goal. For example, if you need shots for your website, this might include

props and other things that you need to plan for. One tip for collecting

shot ideas is when you’re scrolling through your Instagram. If you see a

pose, you like then bookmark it and even consider adding it to your

Pinterest board so that you have a bunch to choose from for your next


Step 7. Recruit temporary help for the day of the shoot.

Get someone to cover your business during those few hours. You don’t want to

mess up your vibe by getting a bunch of calls. Do you need a babysitter or

someone else to help. Think about what do you need to have a great experience

and arrange that ahead of time.

Now I am curious if you haven’t done a branding shoot yet, what’s your biggest reason or concern?

Now you’ve done all the prep work and it’s time for the shoot. It’s going to be so fun!

Be sure you get a great night sleep and avoid sugar and alcohol the night before.

And just breath, you did all your prep work and now you can rely on your dream team to make you shine. And soon enough you’re going to have some gorgeous images that will make all your hard work pay off.

Now you have 7 steps to have a killer branding photoshoot!

But if you still hesitant about you getting a branding shoot, let’s chat for a second.

You’re going to be tempted put this shoot off because of, well, INSECURITY.  Perhaps you want to lose weight before you make the investment. How do I know this? Because it’s my reason for putting it off and most women.

 But listen, if I would’ve waited until my ideal weight, I still would not have any photos. And by the way, your client is going to see you eventually just the way you are right now, and I want you to know – you’re beautiful, you’re worthy and the world needs to know what you do.

So, tell them, show them. It’s time to stop letting our insecurities hold us back from achieving big success. God’s given you a purpose and it’s time to fulfill it.

So book that shoot!

It’s going to be great!

And when you do and when you get them posted online, tag me @yrcharmphoto so I can celebrate this big event with you!

Book our free consultation with our dream team here 👇for your first branding photoshoot.

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