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8 reasons to have a portrait photoshoot

With the advancing technology being in our pockets at all times we are able to share images quickly with friends, family and the world. Our lives are not meant to be seen for 30 seconds on a social media timeline. It seems that the tradition of having portraits made has fallen off. It used to be a regular occurrence to have your portraits made as a way to document your family. Here is a list of reasons that make a great excuse to have a portrait session, in no particular order. There are the high school senior portraits, family portraits, and weddings. Let’s see what we can come! Feel free to add your reasons to the list in the comments.

  1. Celebrating a life achievement with a stylized portrait session. Nothing like getting dressed up to boost the confidence a little. Graduation, job promotion, or just to celebrate you. Document your life’s journey.

2. New business venture. Update the face of your business and sell your services by having people immediately connect with you through your portrait.

3. Lifestyle change. Whether it is weight loss or getting healthy and fit. Why not show your future-self that you did this and can do it again.

4. Relive a dream. Ever have a crazy dream that you can’t get out of your head? Why not work with a portrait photographer to see that vision to reality.

5. Getting out of your comfort zone. A lot of people don’t like having their photo taken. With the right photographer, it can be transformative. We can only grow by getting out of our comfort zone.

6. Wear that wedding dress again. The wedding prep took months, maybe years, and then the wedding day came and went and now your wedding dress may be in a closet somewhere. Put it on and relive that day. Make it an anniversary tradition to reconnect with your partner and have proof of your love with prints.

7. For your family. Are you the mother that is not in any of the photos because you are the one taking them? What will your children have to look for when they get older?

8. Share the experience with your partner, family, or closest friend. Those will be the images you will have for lifetimes.

What could be holding you back from having your portrait made?



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