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Introduction and welcome post

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Hello my dear friends!

This is my first post in this blog and yes, I decided to start blogging here on my website, not only on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I hope that my blog will be interesting and useful for you.

I am planning to share my story, my passion, my creative work in photography. I am also planning to share some tips and tricks ( like posing, outfits, styling and makeup ) to have best photoshoot ever and get the best photographs you ever had in your life. Also I will be sharing my behind the scenes videos and photos of my photoshoots with my precious clients and describe how I work and create my art.

For those who doesn't know me yet :

So here we go!

My name is Leila and I am a portrait photographer in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I came to USA from Ukraine in 2010. I have a husband and 3 grown up children.

I wanted to do what I like most in my life. But I was working different jobs - I was high school teacher, kindergarten teacher, I was retail employee in Macy's, I was singing in the band and singing in the church..

Opportunity came in here and I started my professional photography in 2018. I called it Y'R Charm photography which stands for "you are charm" . I graduated photography institute and I am still taking different Master classes and courses, because it's never too much. I am learning the new trends in photography and also researching the work of old style and famous photographers of the world.

Most of all I attracted to a portrait photography. I am doing fine art portraits for women, teens/seniors , headshots/personal branding , families.

I had passion for photography since I was a kid when my grandfather gave me my very first camera and it was in 1975. I started photographing my schoolmates, my parents, and when I grew up it was my family, my kids, friends, etc. Now I decided that it is time for me to follow my passion and become a professional photographer and I love every minute of it. Especially with all the new technology in the world, I realize that we have more opportunities to create art which very deep matches with our vision.

Every time when I take my camera I see a lot of people, which are extraordinary every one of them and I want to see their essence and catch it and it makes my work even more exciting .

Today is the Anniversary of my business - I started exactly 4 years ago.

And when I look behind I can see how I grew up and became a real professional photographer and not only a photographer, but also an artist.

I am grateful to all of you that you are with me and for your love, friendship and that you choose me to be your photographer.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Here is the little video for you:

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